About Us

CETAA Qatar chapter (CETAA-Q) was inaugurated on the 28th May, 1999 by the then Ambassador of India to Qatar , H.E. R.L. Narayanan , at the Gulf Sheraton . Mr.K. Sivadasan (Chairman) , Reghu G Pillai (General Secretary) and Sajan. T. George (Vice Chairman) were among the few members who formed the first Managing Committee of CETAAQ.

During the first year of its inception itself, CETAAQ Managing Committee organized a wide variety of programs for its members like Onasadya, Outdoor trip to the French Caves near Al-Ruwais, New Year program, etc.

Also during the first year, CETAAQ organized a collection drive for the Orissa Cyclone victims. Cash and clothes were collected and handed over to ICC. A draft for a sum of Rs 37425 /- was handed over to the Indian ambassador on behalf of the Alumni.

CETAAQ was always in love with Cricket and this was evident right from the beginning. A sub-committee was formed in 2001 and was successful in bringing together all Engg. College Alumni associations and to organize the first ever All Kerala Engineers Cricket Tourney in 2001.

In 2001, CETAAQ took up the challenge of organizing relief to the victims of the Gujarat earthquake which took place on the Republic day of 2001. Collective effort yielded Rs 1,20,000 /- in cash and draft. CETAAQ contributed towards the construction of one house in support to the people who had lost everything during the earthquake.

In addition to these charitable contributions, every year CETAAQ used to organize many programs for its members like Family Get-Togethers, Onam Celebration, New Year Celebration, Debates, Quiz Programs, Cultural Day, Sports Day, Literary Evenings, Ladies’ Night , Bachelors’ Night , etc.

CETAAQ also has a very interactive group mailing system which is the lifeline of CETAAQ. This is a mailing group which is vibrant and dynamic and each member contributes his share of information into it.

2006-2007 Managing Committee of CETAAQ came out with a very informative and compact Member Directory of CETAAQ. Even after 3 years, this is the ready reference for any details regarding a member or his family.

During the 2006 Doha Asian Games, CETAAQ organized its members to watch various events & to cheer the Indian team in various medal winning events like Tennis, Shooting, Athletics, etc.
A reception was held in honor of long jump silver medal winner Anju Bobby George & her coach & husband Robert Bobby George who is also a CETian of 1991 Mech.

CETAAQ also has a Business Venture Group which looks into the Business initiatives available in Kerala. This group is registered with the Kerala Government and has wisely invested in many real estate ventures in Kerala.

In May, 2009 CETAAQ celebrated its 10th Anniversary by holding a Mega Event named ‘Dashabdi‘ at the Sheraton Doha Hotel. Indian Ambassador H.E Deepa Gopalan Wadwa inaugurated the function. Leading singers & other cine artists performed in the function exclusively for the members & well wishers.

CETAAQ Managing Committee, congratulate the organizers of the CET 70th Anniversary Committee & the GEMS initiative and extend our warm greetings to all members of our alma mater.

Ladies Day 2013

Ladies Day

CETAAQ Ladies day was conducted on 12th April 2013 at the Club House of Palm City Gardens, Al-Waab, Doha.

Sports Day 2013

Sports day

The ‘CETAAQ Sports day 2013’ was successfully held on 8th February 2013 at the Indian Club.

New Year Bash - 2013

New Year Celebration - 2012

New year 2013 was celebrated by the CETAAQ at the Ball Room of Horizon Manor Hotel on January 17th 2013.

CETAAQ Onam 2012

CETAAQ Onam 2011

CETAAQ Onam was celebrated with all its traditional fervor, pomp and shows on the 5th of October 2012 at the Skills Development Center, Doha, Qatar.